VOIP and SMS Solutions

Outbound and Inbound Call System

Global connectivity simplified: Unmatched termination and origination in over 150 countries with competitive rates.

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Outbound and Inbound Call System

Unlock Global Connectivity

Experience comprehensive international A to Z termination and origination services spanning over 150 countries. At CYN Solutions Inc., we offer competitive rates tailored to your specific needs. Connect with us to explore the possibilities of seamless global communication.


Discover the power of inbound Calling with virtual numbers such as DID (Direct-Inward Dialing) and ITFN (International Toll Free Number). Our outbound calling extends from A to Z countries, featuring random Caller Line Identification (CLI) or Passthrough. Effectively expand your local business presence globally, connecting with customers from over 150 countries without the need to establish overseas branches.

SMS Solutions

Explore our messaging service, often referred to as text blasting, offering the flexibility to send OTP SMS or marketing/promotional messages. Whether it's Application-to-Person (A2P), Person-to-Person (P2P), or Contact Center as a Service to Person (CCaaS2P), our SMS solutions cater to a variety of communication needs.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking Nationwide

SIP Trunking is a digital approach to conducting phone calls and various digital communications over the internet. In essence, SIP Trunks operate through the cloud, facilitating seamless communication. Offered in collaboration with our telecom partners, it covers both Landlines and Mobile services nationwide.

"Empower your communication with our trio of dynamic services: Unleash the global reach of VoIP, streamline messaging with our SMS solutions, and elevate your connectivity nationwide through the cutting-edge SIP Trunking. At CYN Solutions, we redefine the possibilities of seamless communication, ensuring your business stays connected, engaged, and ready for the future."
John Newton

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"From the global reach of VoIP to the precision of SMS solutions and the nationwide reliability of SIP Trunking, CYN Solutions crafts a unified spectrum of communication services. Where innovation meets connectivity, we redefine the language of seamless interaction for businesses around the globe."
Laila Bahar


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